That's me

I would like to introduce myself, so that despite the great distance between us - Calabria and your home - you can still get a personal impression of me.

Since 2006 I have lived with my partner, who originally comes from Tropea, and our 2007 and 2010 born daughters in my adopted home of Calabria. When I first came to Tropea as a tourist I was impressed by the magic of this area at the toe of Italy; (of) the turquoise to dark blue sparkling sea, the fresh air, the lush green landscape, the warm sun and the delicious cuisine. Usually I love to discover new countries, cultures and their people but Calabria fascinated me so deeply that I came back again and again for many years. It felt like home in Calabria and finally decided to leave Germany and to settle down in Tropea.

Working life in Germany was very demanding and stressful and my visits to Tropea helped me to relax and get back to the “roots”: sleeping, walking, swimming, eating well, etc. Therefore, Tropea became for over 6 years my permanent holiday destination. I spent that time in a small, simple room overlooking the sea in a former convent. From the large terrace I could almost touch the symbol of Tropea, the "Isola Bella". My holidays "in the monastery" were a wonderful contrast to the hectic pace of everyday life in Germany. I worked as Assistant to the Director of the Kunstverein Braunschweig; I organized and set up exhibitions, edited catalogues, was responsible for member services, public relations, organizing travel and much more. In Calabria, I found everything I was missing in Germany: quietness, sun, intense colours, time for myself, conversations in my favourite language, and most important the sea with its never ending horizon.

When I met my partner in 2004 on one of the ships to the Aeolian Islands the temptation was too great not to try to live my dream. When I was fourteen during a stay in Corsica I decided that one day I wanted to live by the sea. Falling in love with an Italian - and even more with a Calabrian - was not planned that way. But life holds many surprises: a lot of good reasons came together for this life changing step and I did what many others only dream of: Leave the "secure" job, leave the normal environment away from friends and family. I entered a new world, a different culture, different languages Italian, which I already spoke but there still was to discover the Calabrian dialect as a second language and of course a new family.

Since Calabria in the field of contemporary art provides hardly any possibilities, I realized that I had to jump into a new profession. During the search for a new house for the family I came across Casa Tranfo at Santa Domenica with which I immediately fell in love and I would have liked us to move in. The owner was reluctant to rent the house for the whole year and friends of mine were looking for a holiday home at that time... this is how I started renting out holiday houses. Over the last five years I have slowly enlarged the number of houses and apartments, emphasizing a very personal selection. Every apartment and every house has something special like the closeness to the sea, or being located in the beautiful and surprisingly green Calabrian countryside or having the charm of being in the middle of the old town of Tropea high above the sea. All my holiday homes are accommodations far from being typical holiday houses but instead they are chosen with the idea of offering an individual holiday. I will be glad if I can inspire you to spend time in this beautiful region at the toe of Italy and hope you will enjoy your holiday. I would be very happy to give you many helpful insider tips for your stay. If needed you can contact me personally with any question and of course I will help with any problem that may occur.

Yours sincerely,

Katrin Wosnitzka