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Tailor-made group trips to Calabria

Calabria, with all its facets, is the ideal choice for all kinds of group trips that will be remembered for a long time. Many years ago I fell in love with the beautiful region at the southern end of Italy, and today I ensure that my customers feel the same way with tailor-made planning.

Discover and fall in love with Calabria

Whether you are planning a family reunion, a training trip, a dream Italian wedding or an incentive trip for your top employees, you will find the perfect advice for your needs here.

It doesn’t matter what type of group trip you are planning!

  • Family reunions: Celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays with multiple generations in stunning Calabria.
  • Sports and training trips: Are you an enthusiastic athlete and would like to organize a training trip? I have the perfect place for you in Calabria for your sport.
  • Weddings: Say “I do” in beautiful locations with picturesque backdrops. Your big day will be unforgettable!
  • Incentive trips: Reward your employees with a wonderful trip to Calabria.
  • Film shoots and photo shoots: Find the perfect backdrop for your creative projects and benefit from my know-how of possible infrastructures for catering, rental services, etc.
  • Religious pilgrimages: Follow in the footsteps of Giovanni Fiore or hike the Cammino Basiliano. Discover the spiritual treasures of Calabria on a religious pilgrimage that will touch your soul.

Perfect Locations:

Experience the charm of my carefully selected accommodation, tailored specifically to the needs of your group.

Enjoy the cozy atmosphere of private villas and boutique hotels located in the middle of the picturesque Calabrian countryside.

Relax directly on the beach or in untouched nature, surrounded by relaxing retreats.

Immerse yourself together in the authentic village life of an Albergho Diffuso, where several apartments and a central common area offer perfect opportunities for group activities and shared experiences.

This is what my guests say:

“Katrin put together a wonderful spring family holiday in Calabria for us, exactly tailored to our needs. Arrival, pick-up, accommodation and recommendations were chosen with great local knowledge and attention to detail. Communication was easy and the best tips were given over a delicious pizza in the Strombolicchio in Freiburg to get us in the mood for the holiday. We’ll be back, not just for pizza but also to Calabria…”

Divad F.
Via Google

“In times of endless internet possibilities, you’ll know why you should still book your Italy vacation through Katrin once you’ve done it :-) This isn’t about the “cheapest option” (although Katrin always took our budget into account), but about getting to know Italy as authentically as possible, an added value that no search engine can offer! That’s why Katrin has been accompanying us – at least mentally – on our Italy tours and will certainly continue to do so if we want personal support and an individual travel experience If you’re looking for something, you’re in good hands here. (And here’s a big thank you to you, dear Katrin!)”

Inga M.
Via Google

“We weren’t in Calabria, BUT Katrin gave us a fantastic trip from Lake Garda (Monzambano), over the hills of the Marche (Montemaggiore al Metauro), over Lake Trasimeno (a paradisiacal accommodation above the lake), and on over San Casciano in Val di Pesa (between Siena & Florence) to Lake Como (Vassena – mini town with wonderful accommodation right on the lake) Without them we would have the many beautiful places and the wonderful guides with their own great recommendations “on the edge”. for restaurants, wineries, routes etc. never met and never found Katrin herself! I know I use a lot of superlatives here, but every single one of them actually means the same thing our trip, she listened carefully to what we wanted (that wasn’t so easy 😅) and she implemented and exceeded our wishes when booking, but we were thrilled by the implementation! 100% recommendation!”

Isabel Z.
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Group trips in Calabria – personally planned, individually experienced

Bei mir buchen Sie nicht einfach anonym eine Reise – Sie profitieren von meiner jahrelangen Erfahrung und meinem umfassenden Wissen über Kalabrien. Ich habe die Unterkünfte und Orte, die ich für Ihre Gruppenreise auswähle, natürlich stets selbst erkundet.

Es gibt den Perfect Match! Ich höre Ihnen aufmerksam zu, um Ihre Wünsche und Ansprüche zu verstehen und dann Ihnen die für Sie beste Location zu vermitteln und so Ihre Träume von Kalabrien Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen. Gemeinsam machen wir Ihre Reise in der Gruppe  unvergesslich!

Frequently asked questions

Is there support in case of emergencies or unexpected problems during your tour in Calabria?2024-06-13T11:16:13+02:00

Yes, I would be happy to be your contact person before and during your booked group trip to Calabria. In case of emergencies or unexpected problems, the best way to reach me is via WhatsApp on my Italian number. If it is an urgent emergency, please call me directly as my WhatsApp is muted.

I have an extensive network of reliable local partners in Calabria who are available to help you with problems such as unexpected illness or car breakdowns. Please feel free to contact me in such cases.

I am also available to provide spontaneous support during your trip. When you book you will receive lots of useful information and tips for excursions, restaurants and more. If you contact me during your vacation, I would be very happy and can often give you additional recommendations. Every group trip I plan for you in Calabria is as close to my heart as if I were traveling through my favorite region myself.

Are there guides on site for group tours?2024-06-13T11:15:35+02:00

Yes, when I travel in Calabria I only rely on local guides. These partnerships are crucial to the quality and authenticity of my travel offers. I have met many of these guides personally and have thoroughly examined their services.

Over the last decade, Calabria has changed significantly. A new, highly motivated and professional generation of guides has emerged who want to promote authentic and sustainable tourism. They work with heart and soul, passion and great hospitality to offer you an unforgettable travel experience.

By working with local guides, you can experience Calabria from a unique perspective. These local experts offer you deep insights into culture, history and everyday life that are not accessible in any other way. Make your trip an unforgettable experience and discover Calabria through the eyes of my dedicated local guides!

Can the group tour be changed during the trip?2024-06-13T11:15:01+02:00

Unfortunately, changes to the group tour are no longer possible during the trip. There are also no plans for short-term adjustments before the start of the trip, as accommodation and excursions have already been booked.

Nevertheless, I am always open to your concerns. If something is not to your satisfaction, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately. Together we can find a solution. I will be happy to support you remotely, speak to the hosts and be available to you at any time as your contact person!

How are special needs such as mobility restrictions taken into account when planning a trip?2024-06-13T11:14:28+02:00

Before I plan a trip, I talk to my guests on the phone. This way I can best understand and take into account your individual wishes and needs. For example, I recently planned a trip for a family where one member had limited mobility.

In such cases, it is particularly important to select suitable accommodation and adapt excursions accordingly. I therefore selected accommodations with barrier-free access and planned activities that are accessible to people with reduced mobility. This careful planning ensures that everyone on the group trip can fully enjoy the trip.

I listen carefully to what you tell me and implement your needs in your individual trip to Calabria!

Of course, this also applies to pure accommodation provision. For example, I recently received a request for accommodation close to the beach because the family was traveling with a family member who had limited mobility. For such special requirements, I rely on my extensive portfolio of accommodations, which also includes accommodations that I do not present on my website. It is important to me that all participants in your group trip to Calabria can design the trip exactly according to their needs!

How much does a tailor-made group trip cost and what does it include?2024-06-13T11:12:36+02:00

The price for an individual group trip depends on various factors and can therefore vary.

It is determined by your accommodation requirements, the time or season of your trip (high season versus low season) and the number of activities planned.

Services included in the price:

We start with a detailed telephone consultation to understand your wishes for your individual group trip and to explore the diverse options for accommodation and holiday experiences in Calabria. I then create your tailor-made trip, focusing on stylish accommodation that I have personally selected and tested.

You will receive your travel planning in the form of a PDF file containing texts, photos and a detailed price. If desired, we will be happy to make further telephone calls to discuss all the details of your trip.

I will handle your group trip. This means that I book and manage the accommodation and activities for you. After booking, you will receive further PDFs from me with tips for your trip as well as an overview of all addresses and contact details.

You can rest assured that I will be available by phone before and during your trip to address any questions or concerns you may have.

What types of activities can be included in the group tour?2024-06-13T11:07:11+02:00

There are numerous ways to incorporate activities into your group trip. Activities on offer include guided hikes, tours of picturesque villages with picnics in the countryside, visits to olive groves with tastings and information on production, and dinner or visits to a Calabrian silkworm factory.

Other activities include walking tours of charming towns like Tropea, wine tastings at renowned wineries or local natural wine producers, as well as cooking classes and much more! You decide what you want to experience and see in the group.

Just talk to me and I will be happy to inform you about the various options! Across Calabria, I work with partners who are passionate about their work with great dedication.

How does planning a group trip with “holiday at the tip of the boot” work?2024-06-13T11:04:18+02:00

After you have contacted me, I will get back to you promptly, usually within 24 hours.

We will then arrange an appointment for a telephone conversation, as I think it is important to speak to you directly in order to get a better understanding of your travel group and your wishes.

During this conversation, I will explain my approach to you and we will discuss the general conditions such as the approximate price structure, the type and selection of accommodation, the payment mode and cancellation conditions as well as the various accommodation and activity options.

If these conditions suit you, I will create an individual group trip for you, which I will send to you as a PDF without obligation. This PDF contains information about the accommodations, the price of your trip and many other details.

If you like the group trip, you can book it. If you have any requests for changes, I would be happy to take them into account. For the binding booking you will receive an invoice from me for the total travel price.

During your trip, I will be available to you as a contact person if you have any questions, requests or concerns or if something does not work as planned.

Can I design my trip completely according to my wishes and interests?2024-06-13T11:02:50+02:00

Yes! There are no ready-made trips in my repertoire! Instead, I design your trip completely according to your personal wishes and interests. The more clearly I understand your ideas, the better I can integrate them into your journey.

How big or how small can group tours be?2024-06-13T11:00:15+02:00

I look after groups of various sizes. Tour groups of 4 to 30 people are equally in good hands with me and can look forward to a wonderful trip to Calabria!

Let’s plan your dream trip as a group

Each group has its own ideas and needs, and that’s exactly what makes my work so exciting and fulfilling. I am only satisfied when your trip is exactly as you dreamed.

Whether you want to experience the hustle and bustle of southern Italy or relax in the tranquility of nature, I will ensure that your group trip to Calabria is unforgettable. Each season in Calabria has its own charm and I know the best places in each season.

Calabria offers all kinds of activities that each group can plan individually: explore historic towns, enjoy wine tastings or hike through picturesque nature reserves. A visit to Tropea is particularly attractive in the low season, and for the summer there are quiet alternatives away from mass tourism.

No matter whether it is a large family, a group of friends, a community or a club – I will ensure that your group experiences a tailor-made trip.

Whoever falls in love with Calabria, keeps coming back or emigrating…

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