Individual round trips to Calabria

Are you planning a Calabria round trip? A wonderful idea, because Calabria offers too much to just lie on the beach. If you want to discover Calabria in a very special way and experience all facets of this dreamlike region at the tip of Italy’s boot, you are already planning an unforgettable vacation with a round trip through Calabria and I am the right contact for you when it comes to making this round trip unforgettable! I create for you an individually tailored to your wishes round trip for self-drivers.

Discover Calabria and fall in love

The diversity of Calabria is unique. The winding roads will lead you to breathtaking landscapes and hidden places that are just waiting to be discovered by you.

As an expert on Calabria, I will put together an individual route for you that is full of new impressions every day. You will have enough time at each place to explore the surroundings on your own and enjoy the beauty of Calabria to the fullest.

But a round trip through Calabria is more than just sightseeing. With my insider tips you will also enjoy the culinary and cultural specialties. Let yourself be enchanted by the regional specialties and get to know the hospitable locals.

I recommend you to approach the trip consciously and in peace. Of course, a short round trip with 2 stops is already possible from one week to get a first impression of the country and its people. However, I personally recommend a trip of at least 14 days, in which we plan together 3-4 stops that fit your interests and needs. It is worth taking the time to get involved with the uniqueness of Calabria. By the way, due to the versatility of Calabria, you can easily stretch this over 5 weeks or longer.

What my guests say:

“Calabria was a blank spot on the map for us until recently. Katrin then put together a wonderful trip with great accommodations to fit our ideas exactly. We met warm hosts on the Tyrrhenian Sea as well as on the Ionian Sea and finally in the north, made interesting excursions thanks to Katrin’s tips and enjoyed culinary highlights.”

Veronika & Michael Bauer
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“In March we were on the road for three weeks in Calabria. Katrin Wosnitzka planned us a perfectly fitting trip and provided us with many tips. She booked us very nice accommodations, both in Calabria itself and on the journey to Tuscany and the return trip in the Marche, which is not so easy so early in the year. We experienced warm hospitality in Calabria and got a little insight into life there. In any case, it was a wonderful trip!”

Gerd Arnold
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“A very special and wonderful trip over 5 weeks. Thanks to Kathrin for the careful preparation and the great mix of 5-star level and vacation apartments. Especially remembered are of course the meetings with you on site and the cooking class with your mother-in-law.

So many great impressions. It would lead too far to list everything positive here, but again a big thank you.”

Maren & Jürgen Abraitis
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Why should you travel to Calabria “with me”?

Anyone can take a beach vacation, but a round trip through Calabria offers so much more! It allows deeper insights into the culture, history and nature of this fascinating region. Whether you’re looking for hidden beaches, breathtaking views or authentic restaurants, I’m happy to help you plan and implement your very own Calabria self-drive tour. You too can rely on my many years of experience and local knowledge to gather unforgettable impressions of Calabria.

Frequently asked questions

How many stops should a round trip have?2024-04-16T16:16:18+02:00

Your round trip should have as many stops as you wish. Of course, the more different locations you choose, the more of Calabria you will see. But even with just one change of location, you can see and experience a lot! Under no circumstances should you travel to a different location every day, it’s too exhausting and also a shame because you won’t see enough in each place!

If you are unsure about this, then my recommendation is that we find out together in our personal consultation how many stops your individual round trip should have. I have many years of experience in this area and of course I also regularly travel through Calabria myself.

Can I organise my round trip entirely according to my wishes and interests?2024-04-16T15:53:26+02:00

Yes! I don’t have any ready-made holidays in the drawer! Your trip will be customised according to your wishes and interests. The better I understand what you want, the more I can realise this in your trip.

What is the price of a customised round trip and what is included?2024-04-18T10:27:23+02:00

The price of a individual round trip depends on a number of factors and can therefore vary.

The price is determined by the standard of accommodation you require, the period or season in which you are travelling (high season vs. low season) and also how many stops and activities you would like.

Individual round trips start from approx. 180.00 euros in a double room with breakfast per night.

The following services are included in this price:

  • Detailed telephone consultation: Understanding your wishes for your individual round trip, options for accommodation and holiday experiences in Calabria
  • Creation of your personalised round trip
  • Stylish accommodation personally selected and tested by me. Clean, small, family-run b&b, agriturismi, boutique hotels or similar. On request also selected 4* star hotels (if small and approved by me, then of course a surcharge)
  • Your trip created as a pdf with texts, photos and exact price.
  • If desired: further telephone call to discuss the trip
  • I will organise the trip for you. All accommodation is booked and paid through me.
  • After booking: PDFs with tips for each location of your trip, PDF with all addresses and contact details
  • Availability by phone before and during your trip
Are local guides used on the round trips?2024-04-16T15:51:06+02:00

I couldn’t do my job as a travel agent without my local partners. I only work with local guides, have tested many of them myself and know them personally. Calabria has changed significantly in the last 10 years. There is a young, incredibly committed and highly professional generation that has set itself the goal of offering authentic, sustainable tourism in Calabria. They work with heart, passion and great hospitality! Make your trip unforgettable and see Calabria alongside local guides! You will experience a whole new view of Calabria!

Is there support in case of emergencies or unexpected problems during the tour?2024-04-16T15:50:49+02:00

I am happy to be your contact person before and during your booked trip. Of course also in case of emergencies or unexpected problems. The best way to reach me is via whatsapp on my Italian number. If it really is an emergency, please call me by phone because my whatsapp is on silent.

I have an extensive network of great local partners in Calabria who are also there for you if there is a problem. You can also contact me in the case of unexpected illness, car breakdowns or similar.

I can also support you spontaneously if you are travelling. You will receive a lot of information from me when you book with tips for excursions, restaurants etc, but if you contact me from your holiday, I will be happy to hear from you. Sometimes I spontaneously come up with an addition! Every trip I plan for you in Calabria is always a bit like driving through my favourite region myself!

How does the planning of an individual round trip with me work?2024-04-16T16:19:54+02:00

Once you have contacted me, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Usually within 24 hours. We will then make an appointment for a telephone call. I would like to have a telephone conversation with you because this gives me a better feel for who is travelling and what your wishes are. During this phone call, I will also explain my approach, the general conditions (e.g. approximate price structure, type and selection of accommodation, payment method and cancellation conditions) and the accommodation and activity options I can offer you.

If the general conditions are right for you, I will create a customised round trip for you, which I will send to you without obligation. You will receive a pdf with a description of the itinerary, your accommodation and information on the respective areas, as well as the price of your trip.

If you like the tour, then book it. If you have any minor requests for changes, I can also implement them. For the binding booking you will receive an invoice from me for the total tour price. A deposit of 30% of the total tour price is required. This deposit cannot be cancelled. It corresponds to the work I have already done, as well as down payments to the accommodation. The balance is due one month before the start of the trip. The cancellation modalities are noted in my offer, as they may vary depending on the accommodation and the season.

Once I have received your deposit, I will send you all the contact details for the individual accommodations. You will also receive a pdf for each location with tips for excursions, restaurants and places of interest.

You pay for the accommodation and partners for activities so that you have nothing to do with this during the trip. You contact the accommodation a few days before you arrive and let them know your approximate arrival time. During your trip, I will be your contact person if you have any questions or requests or if anything goes wrong.

What types of activities can be integrated into a round trip?2024-04-16T15:53:14+02:00

There are many ways to integrate activities into a round trip. According to your wishes, whether you do them on your own or with a guide in a small group or on a private tour. Hikes, tours of small towns such as Tropea, for example, wine tastings in wineries or at small natural wine producers, cookery courses and much more!

Just contact me and I will inform you about the possibilities! I have partners for activities all over Calabria who are passionate about what they do!

How flexibly can I make changes during the round trip?2024-04-16T15:51:15+02:00

A round trip cannot be changed during the trip itself. Changes at short notice before the start of the trip are also not possible, as all accommodation and excursions have already been confirmed.

Nevertheless, I am always open to your wishes. If something is not to your satisfaction, it is important that you contact me promptly so that we can find a solution together. I can provide good support from a distance, talk to hosts and am always your contact person!

Let us plan your dream trip

Your trip should be as unique as you are. Whether you want to experience the hustle and bustle of southern Italy or prefer to relax in the seclusion of nature, I will make sure that your Calabria round trip will be unforgettable. Each season in Calabria has its own charm and I know exactly which places are most beautiful in which season. A visit to Tropea, one of the most famous coastal towns in Calabria, is especially recommended in the low season. For the summer I am also happy to offer you alternatives away from the mass tourism, so that you can enjoy your beach vacation in peace. Let me inspire you and I will create a tailor-made trip through Calabria for you!

Once you fall in love with Calabria, you will come back again and again or you might even emigrate

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