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Calabria is the region closest to my heart. This is why I would love for you to experience Italy’s enchanting and exciting tip of the boot at its best!

My ideas for accommodations and excursions are all independently searched for in the country itself. Calabria is my second home. I used to live there for a long time and have been traveling to Calabria for more than 20 years. So I have lovingly compiled a selection of particularly beautiful places for you.

To me, traveling is an encounter with the people and with the country! My personal advice for your trip is very important to me and I really love to dedicate my time to it! This is the best way for me to recommend you on the choice of accommodation or an individual round trip.

A presto!

Individual Travel

Calabria has inspired me as a travel region for many years! There is so much to discover, to see and to experience! Miles of lonely sandy beaches on the Ionian Sea, the Tyrrhenian cliffs with their picturesque bays, small beaches and crystal clear water, three very different national parks, quaint mountain villages, other cultures such as the Albanian minority of the Arbrësh, lakes, forests, ski resorts, cultural and of course culinary specialties!

Where do you want to travel? I will be happy to advise you on your wishes for an individual round trip and then create it personally tailored to you!

Accommodations in Calabria

All accommodations are selected by me on the spot in order to give you the opportunity to spend an individual vacation, to get to know the country and its people and to relax far away from package tourism.

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Once you fall in love with Calabria, you will come back again and again or you might even emigrate

What my guests say:

“Why you should still book your Italy vacation through Katrin in times of infinite possibilities of the Internet, you know when you have done it :-) Here it’s not about the “cheapest option” (although Katrin has always taken our budget into account), but about getting to know Italy as authentically as possible. An added value that no search engine can offer! That’s why Katrin has been accompanying us on our Italy tours for several years now. If you are looking for personal attention and an individual travel experience, you are in very good hands here. Unreserved recommendation! “

Inga Marquardt
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“In March we were on the road for three weeks in Calabria. Katrin Wosnitzka planned us a perfectly fitting trip and provided us with many tips. She booked us very nice accommodations, both in Calabria itself and on the journey to Tuscany and the return trip in the Marche, which is not so easy so early in the year. We experienced warm hospitality in Calabria and got a little insight into life there. Katrin was always available and kept in touch with us. Anyway, it was a wonderful trip and we will definitely have her plan a trip for us again!”

Gerd Arnold
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“Through Katrin we got to know a region that was completely unknown to us before and immediately fell in love with it.

She suggested and arranged sensational places and organized everything reliably and very sympathetically, – with hosts who welcomed us with open arms and were responsive to all questions.

So it was not only wonderful places, but also atmospherically wonderful weeks. Thank you very much!!!”

Moritz Führmann
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